Friday, May 22, 2009

Building Safety

The Bishop has been concerned over the safety of our Sister's and their families in the building during the day. Several incidents have occurred that fortunately have not had bad outcomes, but could have. Our church is unique in many ways and one of them is that we don't have a full time Preacher or Pastor onsite during the day. Some individuals expect this and go from church to church hoping to find clergy at the church that they can ask assistance from. So, just as a reminder and to avoid a possible bad situation, Sisters are asked to not be alone in the building during the day.

There are times when this can't be avoided, for instance when the enrichment committee needs to set up for the evening activity or the same for the Young Women and other organizations, just remember that there is safety in numbers and to keep all the Church doors locked when you are inside. In talking with the Bishop, he has advised that a presidency meeting of 4 sisters is probably not sufficient safety in numbers and we are encouraged to hold our Presidency meetings etc. in homes or locations other than the church unless Priesthood is present.
Our beautiful church is there for all of us to enjoy-we are so blessed to have it, but let's all be cautious and keep safe while using it!


  1. very cute Heather!!! I love it.

  2. I think this is great. Thanks for doing it Heather.

  3. Hi! It's nice to see everyone here. Hopefully we will have more soon.