Monday, August 30, 2010

Cooking at the church kitchen

Dear Relief Society Presidents, Stake Auxiliary Leaders, Seminary Teachers Food Storage Specialists,

Just a reminder that when we are preparing food in the kitchen or giving demonstrations that we should not cook in the kitchen, only warm food.

A new fire extinguishing system was installed over the stoves at the Stake Center yesterday. I spoke with Brother Sullivan, the Stake Facilities representative, and the installer.

This system which contains fire extinguishing chemicals will be activated if the heat under the hood becomes to high. It is imperative that each time you use the stove to be sure and turn on the exhaust vent fan. The switch is on the right side of the stoves and is on a timer, so that it will turn itself off, if we happen to forget the fan is running. Under normal conditions there should not be a problem, however, if someone decides to boil water then the vent hood can exhaust the excessive steam.

As everyone in the Stake no matter what unit or organization they are in usually uses the kitchen at one time or another would each one of you please make sure the appropriate leaders in your organization receive this information.

Thank you!

Suzanne Todd
Stake RS President

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