Saturday, August 7, 2010

General Updates!

We have had quite a few sisters move into our ward over the last few weeks! Please take a moment to introduce yourself and get to know these ladies:
Melinda Washburn
Suzanne Colvin
Heather Chase
Lindee Hanselmann
Virginia Hodnett
Carrie Lunt
Karina Moore
Lynda Freeman
Juanita Niemeyer
Sarah Garcia
Rachel Condie
Andrea Louder

Visiting Teaching
Almost all the visiting teaching routes have changed, so please check with Lori if you have not received your new route!

Missionary Fund
The church has issued a letter regarding missionary funding. There are many young men all over the world who cannot go on a mission because they are providing financial support for their families. The church is encouraging those who are able, to donate locally to your mission funds so that these young men can have the opportunity to go on a mission.

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