Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Basic Bread Dough Recipe, versions #1 and #2

Basic Dough Recipe #1

10 ½ c white flour (all-purpose or bread flour)
½ c white sugar
1 T salt
3 heaping T SAF instant yeast
~ 3 T liquid lecithin
4 c hot tap water

Mix dry ingredients. Add Lecithin and Water. Mix about 1 minute and check consistency. Add more water as needed to achieve moist almost sticky consistency. Mix additional 5 minutes.

Basic Dough Recipe #2

4 c warm water
1 c sugar
1 c mashed potato flakes
1 c shortening
2 t salt
3 eggs
2 c flour
1 ½ T yeast
~8 c flour

Place first seven ingredients in mixing bowl and stir to batter consistency. Stir in yeast and let sit a few minutes. Add 2 more cups flour and beat well with mixer. Add remaining flour. Additional flour or water may be added to achieve desired consistency.

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